Intelligent Territory Checker & Nurturing Subscription 2024

$350.00 / month

Elevate Your Franchise Success with Our Intelligent Territory Checker & Nurturing Subscription Package!

Our subscription is a dynamic offering designed exclusively for Franchisors, presenting two powerful services that can transform your business.



Intelligent Territory Checker: Franchisors can effortlessly provide their data in spreadsheet format, specifying zip codes to denote territory availability or unavailability. If a concept has a limited number of available spots, please provide us with a spreadsheet listing these available territories. In the case of newer concepts, we kindly request a spreadsheet that outlines the territories currently unavailable.

Intelligent Lead Nurturing: Don’t let your dead leads go to waste. Our dedicated lead nurturing specialists will work to re-engage these leads with your brand, rekindling their interest and loyalty. Alternatively, they can guide leads to opt into our innovative tool, MyQualifyi Match, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Choose our subscription to experience the perfect synergy of data-driven territory management and lead nurturing.

Please read our End-User Licensing Agreement. 

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