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about Qualifyi

Qualifyi is revolutionizing the franchise sales funnel through AI-driven solutions.

We are architects of AI-focused software systems, MyQualifyi Match and Intelligent Territory Checker, transforming franchising by simplifying tasks and guiding consumers to their perfect franchise match.

Specifically tailored for Franchisors, we offer an Intelligent Territory Checker & Lead Nurturing Subscription. Nurturing ensures effective engagement with dormant leads, offering options for rekindling interest or guiding leads to our innovative AI-powered tool, MyQualifyi Match.

Our vision goes beyond the conventional, aiming to usher in a new era where technology is harnessed to elevate the franchising experience.

In pursuit of this vision, we proudly showcase our tagline, “Intelligent Franchise Matching.” It’s not just a phrase; it’s a deliberate choice that echoes our commitment to intelligence, strategy, and foresight. This tagline embodies our belief in a modern, sophisticated approach, ensuring that every connection forged within the world of franchising is not just smart but strategically poised for optimal success. Welcome to the future of franchising—where expertise meets innovation.

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